The Tacony Palmyra Bridge collision

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Early morning of Thursday, a car and the cruiser in the Police Port Authority of Delaware River collided requiring the closing of the bridge. The accident occurred at around 1:00 o’clock in the morning at the bridge side nearer to New Jersey. Due to the mishap, the bridge was closed in both directions, but was re-opened around 5:30 a.m.

As investigation of the accident continues, drivers were turned away from the bridge for hours that morning after a crash that included a police cruiser.

Police cruiser of the Burlington County Bridge Commission Police crashed into a civilian vehicle at around 12:30 o’clock in the morning as they were traversing along the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. After the collision, both vehicles were heavily damaged. The worse happening was that each vehicle was blocking a different direction of traffic. Two people were reported hurt; however, the extent of their injuries was not reported.

The bridge remained closed for around five hours as investigators were trying to figure out what caused the wreck. Commuters were urged to keep away from the bridge and to pass by the Bridge of Betsy Ross or take another route in crossing the Delaware River instead. At about 5:20 o’clock in the morning, traffic started crossing the bridge once more.

Due to a car collision between a police cruiser of the Post Authority of Delaware River and a civilian vehicle early morning of Thursday, the Bridge of Tacony Palmyra had to be closed for traffic.

It was after midnight that the accident occurred at the bridge-side to New Jersey. side of the bridge. The T-P Bridge had to be closed in both directions, but it was re-opened before day break.

After the two vehicles collided head-on, the officer inside the police cruiser was delivered to the hospital sustaining non-critical injuries. He was treated but will be released soon, authorities added.

Police gave the driver of the other vehicle a test to find if he was DUI but so far no charges have been filed.

According to the statement of the Commissioner of Burlington County Bridge, the crash took place on the mid-span, but it was closer to the New Jersey side of the bridge. It occurred thirty minutes after midnight after the vehicle veered from the right-hand of a Pa.-bound lane towards the NJ-bound lane. On the wrong side, the vehicle then crashed into a car being driven by a bridge commission police vehicle.

The identities and conditions of both drivers and occupants of the vehicles were not released. It was later known that a police officer was treated for minor injuries and released from Cooper Hospital. No further information was mentioned of the civilian driver, who was also being evaluated in a local hospital.

The 84-years-old Tacony-Palmyra Bridge in Route 73 stretches over the Delaware Rivers and links NE Philly to Palmyra in South Jersey. It is estimated to cross more than 70,000 vehicles across the bridge daily.

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