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You Deserve More

• If the medical bills are piling up, you need compensation.
• If your living expenses are getting out of hand due to a disability.

If you can’t work, things won’t get better until you get help.



    Need Help With Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement?



      You Deserve More

      • If the medical bills are piling up, you need compensation.
      • If your living expenses are getting out of hand due to a disability, 

      If you can’t work, things won’t get better until you get help.

      Remember, our policy states that “We Win or It’s Free”®  Even if you have been offered some form of compensation, you can get a second opinion. Our experienced Philadelphia lawyers are willing to go over your case in a free consultation. The chances are good that we can help you get more.


      We have the experience and the drive to get you the most for your case. Not sure that your case is strong enough? Worried about the process? We’ll walk you through everything during a free consultation.




      5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer on Your Side

      Yes, it’s possible to go through the claims process on your own. No matter how simple your case seems at first, consider these five reasons for accepting help.


      • No Risk, High Chance of Reward
        “We Win or It’s Free”®
      • An Easy Route Through a Complex Landscape
        Complicated paperwork and a lengthy investigation can be avoided.
      • Protect Yourself Now and In the Future
        Your case may not end when payments begin.
      • Get What Your Deserve Down the to Last Cent
        Maximum compensation, guaranteed.
      • Get the Help You Need Faster
        Streamline the workers’ comp claims process.



      “We Win or It’s Free”® is our motto for a reason. It exemplifies how deeply we are committed to winning your case. It also demonstrates how seriously we take your situation. Right now you don’t need to worry about how you can afford help. First, get a free consultation. Then let us show you how simple we can make the workers’ comp claims process for you.

      We’re Here to Serve You!

      We’re here to get you the money you need. We are also here to listen. Your case is important to us. If you decide to hire us to take on your workers’ compensation claim, we will investigate every angle. Everything you tell us will be kept in confidence. We will work with you to get what you deserve.

      Our Experience is Your Advantage

      Your workers’ compensation case is essential. Whether you win or lose will impact you and your family tremendously. When we take on that responsibility, we make it our aim to win. Due to that determination, we have won consistently over the years.

      We realize the value of investigations. We do not overlook evidence that may be important down the line. When we present our case to the insurance company, they will pay what you deserve.

      Finding Fault – There May Be More to Your Case

      Some cases are trickier than others. We can help you dissect your case and find a definite cause of injury as well as a clear party at fault. We can also help you fight for compensation if the cause of your injury or illness is disputed.


      • Reoccurring Injuries

        If your workplace has led to a reoccurring injury, you are most likely entitled to additional compensation and your  will work with you throughout the process.

      • Preexisting Conditions

        If you have a preexisting condition and your work or workplace has aggravated it, causing it to get worse, you have a case.

      • Mental Health

        Many forms of mental disease and trauma are compensable under workers’ comp. For example, your condition may be the direct result of another injury or may have resulted from your day-to-day work.

      • Illness or Disease

        These can be the hardest cases to prove. Finding a direct link, outside of a work-environment related cause, and showing its existence requires a dedicated lawyer.

      An Overview of the Workers' Comp Process

      Not every case will follow this pattern exactly. The workers' compensation claims process is straightforward and includes a few significant steps. This is what the process may look like if you choose to work with us.


      • The Initial Consultation – You can contact at any time for a free consultation. Together, we will review your case and formulate a plan.
      • Obtaining a Clear Picture – If you decide to hire us, we then take the first steps needed to put your case together. This may include an extensive interview.
      • Obtaining Treatment and Gathering Evidence – Make sure you have received a medical evaluation and are on a proper course of treatment. We will begin collecting evidence.
      • Figuring Out What You Are Owed – Now that we have enough information about the accident and your injuries we can come up with a figure for compensation.
      • Filing Your Claim – We will go over all of the paperwork with you, making the process as simple as possible.
      • Tracking Expenses – During the entire claims process, we will help you track any expenses related to your claim.
      • Negotiation or Mediation – Now we can get you the settlement you deserve no matter what the insurance company tries to offer.
      • Acceptance of Your Claim – This is where we uphold our guarantee: “We Win or It’s Free”®

      We Can Help No Matter The Cause

      We take cases with every possible cause that fall under the umbrella of workman’s comp. The following is a short list of cases we experience with. If your case is unrelated to any of them, we can give you a full case evaluation during a free consultation.


      • Injuries Due to Lifting or Material Handling
      • Traffic Accidents on the Job
      • Job-Related Illnesses – Physical and Mental
      • Injuries Due to Falling Objects
      • Injuries Involving Slips or Falls
      • Accidents Involving Faulty Equipment and Machinery
      • Negligence and Misconduct
      • Cuts, Burns, and Punctures
      • Trauma That Has Occurred Over Time
      • Philly Slip and Fall Accidents





          Types of Compensation you Could Receive

          It’s normal to wonder, “How much is my claim worth?” The truth is, it’s hard to say without a thorough investigation. However, we may be able to give you an estimate during a free consultation. In the meantime, these are the types of compensation you may receive:

          • Medical and Treatment Costs
          • Missed Wages
          • Lifestyle Modifications and Equipment
          • Funeral Costs or Death Benefits
          • Continued Care
          • Pain and Suffering

          Why You Need More than You Think

          In the best case scenario, your injury will heal rapidly. You will go back to work in perfect health. In most cases, however, an accident may leave you with some form of disability. Before you accept any offer, consider the following:
          How Will Your Lifestyle Change?
          After an accident, you may need to adjust your lifestyle as you heal. If your treatment takes longer than estimated, or your injury refuses to improve, what will you do? What changes will you need to make to your routine? Can you go back to the same job? What will you have to give up?
          How Long Will Your Injury Persist?
          Is this an injury or illness that will stick with you for weeks? Months? The rest of your life? Can you expect it to heal fully?
          Will This Impact Your Family?
          How will your family cope with your injury or illness? Will it change your role within your family? Can you still handle the same responsibilities you did before?
          Will Your Earning Potential Change?
          After an injury or accident, you should be able to go back to work once you have healed. However, extensive injuries and illnesses could impact your ability to work in the future.
          Could Your Condition Worsen?
          Not all injuries follow a linear path. Some may get worse before they get better. Further, if you require surgery or risky treatment, what will you do if something goes wrong?

          10 Reasons We Will Do More for You

          Experience and willingness to serve aren't the only reasons we're the best workers' comp lawyers.

          We Win or It’s Free®

          Our stake in your case is nearly as high as yours. We will put in the time it takes to win.

          Easy Claims

          Going through the claims process on your own is nerve-racking. After what you have been through, you deserve help.

          Thorough Investigations

          A less experienced lawyer, attorney, or firm will overlook things. We’ve won enough cases to know what to look for.

          Complete Confidence

          We listen to everything you say in our offices or on the phone. To that end, everything we hear will be kept in confidence.

          Personal Attention

          Once you choose to hire us, you will have our full attention.

          Enduring Protection

          Your case doesn’t always end once you start receiving payments. If anything ever comes up down the line, we are here for you.

          Insider Knowledge

          Businesses and insurance companies look out for their bottom line first. We look out for your interests.

          Specialized Experience

          Worker’s Compensation cases are our specialty.

          Looking Beyond the Scope

          Your accident may be more complicated than it appears. Outside equipment manufacturers, maintenance companies, or other organizations may be involved.

          Reliable Communication

          We will be there with you at every step. If you want to know the status of your case at any time, ask. We are here to answer your questions.